Part of our goal is to help our clients comply with the complex regulations concerning development. The Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires stormwater and erosion control practices to address local water pollution and compliance concerns. During land disturbing activities above various thresholds, depending on the activity and location of the project, regular NPDES monitoring must be completed to ensure compliance with permit conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of stormwater and erosion control structures. Our team is certified with the NCDOT Erosion and Sedimentation Control/Stormwater Certification Program at Levels I, II, and III. To keep you in compliance with permit requirements, we can:

  • Level I: Inspect the installation of erosion and sediment control on project construction sites.
  • Level II: Inspect grading work, culvert replacement, and bridge construction
  • Level III: Develop and design erosion and sediment control plans, including reclamation plans